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K'Nex is used in many schools and provides an enjoyable activity for children in most age groups.

The GM STEM Centre provides K'NEX sets designed to maximise student engagement.

Our K'Nex activities feature hands-on, inquiry-based lesson plans based on  STEM topics aligned to national education standards.

Our presenter will set your pupils a design and build problem (e.g. a bridge to support a load, or a fairground ride). Pupils are given basic ideas about strong structures and are encouraged to plan how they will solve the problem.They now build their chosen design, altering and improving as they go along. The presenter will give hints about the use of K'Nex pieces and to make strong shapes.

A stimulating activity for boys and girls developing skills of good design, functionality, and team work.


K’Nex Activity addresses the following curriculum topics:

Design & Technology:

  • Assemble and combine components
  • Design and make images and artefacts
  • Work in a team and follow a plan
  • Identify ways the product could be improved
  • Carry out appropriate tests before improvements
  • Recognise that the quality of a product depends on how well it is made and how well it meets its intended purpose


  • Strong structures have particular shapes and use components jointed in particular ways
  • Pull is one example of a force, and
  • Push is another example
  • Force makes things move