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When engineers want a strong, stiff two dimensional shape they will use triangles.  For three dimensional structures the choice becomes Tetrahedra.

This activity explores this in a way which is fun. It calls for teamwork, cooperation, organisation and imagination, whilst introducing an element of competition.

An activity available in three levels for years 3 – 10, and taking around 1 – 2+ hours

Standard Activity : Level 1 – Suitable for year 3 upward

Teams of children compete to build the highest stable structure using standard length pieces of dowel and elastic bands in a given time.  

This activity takes approx 1 – 1 ½ hours

Trading: Level 2 –Suitable for year 5 upward

Teams are given an insufficient number of sticks in a mixture of colours, but must build the structure in a single colour. Further sticks are available by trading with other teams or with a ‘bank’

This activity takes around 1 – 2 hours.

Bridges: Level 3 – Suitable for year 10 upward

Teams are challenged to span a chasm by a self-supporting bridge constructed with sticks and elastic bands.  The structure must not sag and there must be a recognisable roadway.  The longest bridge Wins!

This activity demands a high degree of vision, planning, good organisation, delegation and coordination.

This activity takes approx. 2+ Hrs